Dom's Story 

It was time for me to make drastic changes in my personal life, I was extremely overweight 132.2 kilos and my life had become limited and restricted by my size. I had never felt so unhappy... I was all smiles on the outside but inside, I really wasn't enjoying life at all. 

Punch Love caught my attention but I was hesitant at first, thinking it wouldn’t be for me. I knew it was now or never as far as my health was concerned.. so I took the risk and walked through the door.

I met with Nik and Karina who shared their inspiring weight loss journeys. Instantaneously, I resonated with their stories, and I felt a sense of comfort that they knew about the journey that I was about to commence.

They had felt this pain too.

There is truly a unique culture within Punch Love, one that is caring, nurturing, friendly and warm.

 There's no intimidation, its just about doing the best you can each time you walk through the door. 

Dom's journey begins 132kgs

Dom's journey begins 132kgs

The community is friendly and encouraging, there's no competition among us women, as Karina mentioned in my first class - its about you and the bag - who cares about what anyone else is doing. Its about women getting together and reaching their goals and there's a sense of camaraderie that we are all in this together.

The trainers greet me by name, I feel a sense of belonging, which is something very rare in gyms. Even when I’ve had pre-existing injuries, the trainers are flexible in modifying the program so its suits the group as well as the individual. Also, at 132 kgs I wasn’t physically able to do some of the exercises at first. I loved that the trainers broke down the exercises in smaller steps. I have watched myself  take bigger and bigger steps. I find the team actually care about helping you achieve your goals, and want to share that journey with you.

I think this is the first time I have made the commitment to myself to lose the weight. I knew I wasn’t healthy, and life was just not enjoyable. I found I was restricted and limited because of my weight. To enjoy life I knew I had to get fitter and healthier.

The boxing is are fun and the trainers are incredible. This is what keeps me coming back for more. I find this motivating in itself !!! .

My Key  To Getting Results: Establish routine. It helps when I’m prepared I always have my gym bag ready and by the door each morning. Once I established a routine the rest was history, and it has become a part of my everyday life.

The fact that you book in classes before hand means you are making a commitment to be there. I love that the program changes weekly and I think that has been most beneficial in my weight loss journey as its never mundane or boring, plus my body doesn’t get use to any specific exercise which has helped with weight loss too. The program is design by women for women. What a difference it makes to understand the female body and her challenges.

How does a Punch Love class make me feel? - totally invigorated, empowered, & its so much fun. I leave ten foot taller every time.

Let me tell you about the Punch Love trainers - (3 words are not enough to describe such wonderful people)... Professional, experienced and dedicated - with an added pinch of pizzaz, sprinkle of fabulous and a zest of awesomeness!!!

Are you wondering if Punch love is for you?:  Give yourself credit, you are more capable than you think. Each class will get easier and easier. Make sure you have fun, we were all beginners at one stage and like anything in life be persistent as things do get easier.... I promise.

Words of wisdom: If you ever think twice about attending class I always say to myself, I have never regretted attending a workout, but you will regret if you don’t. Dont think about the whole program, just break it down bit by bit. xxx Dom

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How boxing gave me a 2nd chance and changed my life...


I was overweight & disheartened with myself and life. I was needing something to retrieve the 'me' that had been buried in motherhood and life. Punch Love gave me the gift of a second chance. 

When I looked back at the photos of me then, I see such an unhappy woman and it reflected in all areas of my life.  READ MY STORY