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Why Punch Love Women's Fitness is for women only.

We understand how uncomfortable it can feel to walk into a gym or fitness centre for the first time.

Our community will always make you feel at ease, regardless of age, ability, or fitness level. Punch Love is a place where you can feel inspired, empowered & enjoy getting physically and mentally stronger while having fun at the same time. 

We created  womens only fitness in the Hills and Hawkesbury as a safe place for us to be ourselves. There  is no intimidation, judgement or distraction. It’s all bag work so your training is at your own pace and fitness level. No waiting for others or holding anyone up. You won't even find any mirrors in the training room. We already know how amazing we are. 

Inspiring women to be their best is definately the best job in the world!

β€” Nik Fox

Punch Love Womens Fitness is a place of beauty and luxury, where women inspire each to reach their goals with love, laughter & hard sweaty work! Come box with us today.


It's My Punch Love... Make it yours!