How boxing classes changed my life & gave me a second chance.


Once upon a time...

I was overweight & disheartened with myself and life. I was needing something to retrieve the 'me' that had been buried in motherhood and life. Punch Love gave me the gift of a second chance. 

When I looked back at the photos of me then, I see such an unhappy woman and it reflected in all areas of my life. Being a wife, mother, career woman. Everything suffered as I put all my loved ones happiness ahead of my own. 

I was exhausted! I would take the children to school, come home for a nap. I would go to work, have a nap where ever I could. I would come home from work and again need a sleep. It seemed my life existed around no energy and feeling unhappy. There just had to be more!
My journey back to me has been filled with wonder, laughter... lots of laughter and a community of supportive women who wanted nothing more than to celebrate all our milestones along the way. I have loved every minute, and it has truly been a painless transformation. I would just get myself to the door and the team would do the rest.

From my own experience in transformation I joined the Punch Love trainers team and now I'm the face you'll see and the voice you'll connect with if you're thinking of joining Punch Love. I LOVE my job and all my ladies :) 

susie before after.png

I began sharing what I had learnt, helping other women to feel empowered, confident and truly awesome again through exercise and self awareness. 

I love watching our ladies blossom as they find their inner strength and missing superpowers through the empowerment of hitting the bags and taking time to nurture themselves. Exercise should be fun and leave you feeling accomplished; excited to keep going. I like to sprinkle fun with hard work and results into every class I teach. I want our ladies to walk away feeling uplifted and just a little taller.

It doesn't matter whether you are fit or finding your way to fitness, being a part of the Punch Love team and having the privilege to work with our ladies makes me feel inspired and grateful everyday.