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3 reasons why womens boxing classes get weight-loss results fast.

We know how frustrating it can be to join gyms and exercise programs that just haven't got you the weight-loss results you were after.

Our boxing classes are an all-body workout that combine strength and interval training to burn calories and gets results fast. We promise, you'll have fun getting in the best shape you have ever been.

1: Boxing changes your body shape fast.

Boxing  is a super fitness regime. A complete workout for upper & lower body & calorie burning rounds of cardio. This makes it an unbelievable system for improving the way you look and feel. With a regular boxing class routine & healthy eating plan, you'll see changes in your shape & fitness quickly.

2: Boxing is fun!  You'll love to workout

Endorphins baby! Joining an activity you love instead of approaching exercise as a 'must-do chore' has far reaching effects. We guarantee you'll come more often and you'll love every minute.

You'll leave on a high and feel energised for the day.

3: Boxing is a calorie crusher.

A boxing workout is high intensity, so burns a huge amount of calories. A one hour boxing workout is going to crush a LOT of those unwanted calories. Boxing is the perfect at burner.

The more calories we burn the faster the results!


Boxing is great Therapy

  • Feel empowered and boost self confidence
  • Endorphins activate your feel good hormones and get you loving life again.
  • Boxing requires focus and concentration. There's no time to think of anything but you and the bags.
  • A one hour of punch work on the bags offers enormous stress relief. Physical exertion and emotional release leave you feeling energised and back in balance.