7 Tips To Stay Motivated Over Winter

The first wedding invite to arrive in the post right about now is the one that usually scares us out of our winter coma. Its a flurry of urgent activity that scares us to get back in shape yesterday!

Now is an awesome time, while weekend activities are low and there is less urge to socialise to quietly work away on yourself.  Winter is the perfect time to take care of our bodies and you'll be confident to pop the shorts and t's on without a second thought the minute the weather warms up.

Good habits can be set for a year round consistent approach rather than a seasonal cycle. Here are some tips to keep your momentum.

Tip #1: Pick a SMART  Goal.  Make it specific. ( Fit my size 12 dress comfortably for the wedding)  Measureable ( I can try it on every week and see how I am progressing) Attainable. (I can easily drop a dress size before the wedding)  Relevant. ( my dress I want to fit into is what I am going to wear to the wedding so its relative to my end result)  Time Bound.( I have 12 weeks to the wedding)

So your first wedding invite for summer has just gone up on the fridge. Now what...Whether your goal is working toward an event, a holiday, a fun run, a competition, or a fitness or body composition goal, this will give you the destination to type into your GPS! You need to have a place to aim for.

Break this down into bite size pieces by each month, week, and day. Identify your potential roadblocks or problems in advance so when they show up you know what to do! Roadblock example:  I book for evening classes but when I get home I don't want to go back out. Tip- head straight to the first training session available on your way home.

Tip #2: Organise your training for the week ahead of time.

Head to class before work to keep you on track with nutrition for the rest of the day... or alternatively, head to Punch Love straight after work rather than home first (otherwise you may go home and not want to head back out again). Booking ahead means you are less likely to not go.

Tip #3: Get A Workout Wingman

It definitely helps to have someone to share your journey, holding you accountable, someone who is going to push you along and talk you into coming to the next class. Just remember the old saying - " you never regret a workout you go to ... but always regret the ones you 'should have' but didn't"

Overhaul your nutrition plan one step at a time

It's really easy to slip back into old habits without even noticing. You think you're eating healthy, and most likely you are. However the first things to go south are the portion sizes, the second serves creep in and then its glasses of wine by the fire, comfort foods and hot apple pies desserts when its cold.

Tip #4: Keep A Food Diary For A Week Without Changing Anything

Before you change anything, keep a simple food diary of what you ate and the serving size for a whole week. This will unlock any old habits creeping in. From there make some subtle changes. Smaller more frequent meals, cutting out the desserts at the end of the day and drinking more water.

Tip #5: Meal Prep For The Week

Winter has less social activities. Take the opportunity to cook up a simple storm. In just a couple of hours you could have your food prepped for the week.  ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ . Some nights once you get home from work the last thing you want to do is think about organising your food not just that night but for the next day too.
Easy prep foods to fill the freezer with for the whole family are  soups, chicken mince or fish cakes, casseroles and slow cooker meals. Bolognese sauces served over Zoodles ( zucchini noodles) or  baked sweet potatoes

Tip #6: Pack your gym bag the day before

Have your gym bag ready to go the day before, that way if your training in the morning it will give you that little bit of extra time to sleep in, or if your coming straight from work it will ensure you don’t forget your workout shoes.

Tip #7: Purchase some new shoes or gym gear

How good does it feel having some fresh new kicks and active wear to put on. I know I look forward to working out in my 'something new'  It gives you that extra boost of motivation. Go out and treat yourself to something new, this can also be a good reward for reaching your goals.

Plan ahead and utilise winter rather than going into hibernation, glued to Netflix and eating comfort food!  The days go by anyway and so will each meal. Take each day on its own and commit to making great choices for training and the meals you eat now and you'll be reaping the rewards in just  10-12 weeks time. Summer is on its way... it happens every year with out fail!!